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Bump. Any opinions on this? Thanks.
Can someone give me an idea of what Hallak might charge to dryclean a tuxedo? I know the general philosophy is to dryclean only when necessary, and to steam otherwise, but even lacking stains or some other visible distress, does there actually come a point (a certain number of wearings, or a certain span of time) where is steaming is insufficient, and a good drycleaning is prudent? Because my tuxedo sees the light of day only once or twice a year, judging by the...
In my experience, a blend may look great off the rack, or even after a couple of wearings, but inside of a year, it will start to wear like crap. The fibers won't respond well to drycleaning, it won't drape naturally, it'll start to pill slightly and/or shine, etc. That said, if you need a well-fitting suit and time is of the essence, fine. Just don't expect to get more than a few months to a year of good use out of it. At that price, it might be worth buying two and...
Here's another. http://picasaweb.google.com/LeoJayCr...52406936187602
I imagine all of the Daffy's selection were seconds. The insole of this pair, I didn't realize until afterwards, is maybe a quarter inch short of the toe, and the coloration is a bit uneven, but I would imagine that's easily corrected. I've already worn them a few times without even worrying about it. http://picasaweb.google.com/LeoJayCr...52400210990594
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm photos of the shoes? I think I still have a photo of one pair in my email, I'll look; the others I'll have to photograph and post later in the week.
This thread is the only substantive informational reference that came up when I Googled Eduardo G. shoes. I've bought 4 pairs over the last couple of months, at one Daffy's or another in NYC. It would have been 6 pairs, but the other two styles I liked haven't been in stock in my size. At $69.99/pair, I can't imagine I've ever gotten a better value on anything. I was even seduced into a pair in black, after having sworn to never wear a black shoe again. Right now,...
The tone of this thread is exactly what I believe she meant by race war. Though I often wonder how much similarity or disconnect there is between people's online and RL personas. Do you guys speak this candidly IRL, or is it just webfever?
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Are we looking at race riots if Obama loses? Do you think the prolateriat will rise up and sieze the instruments of capitalism? I am worried and may change my vote because I don't want these things to happen. Maybe Obama can still save us. That seems a rather cynical interpretation. "Race and class war" doesn't read as "riots" or any kind violence to me; there's no indication of that in this...
^What do you have against accountants? They have kids to send to college.
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