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wtf you hafta register to view SZ now??
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai it seriously exists if that's what you're asking. no i was asking if you were seriously asking.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai does anyone know the name origin of the "Coontree Picnic Area" in Pisgah National Forest? srsly?
holy christ. that's insane. what's the zipper on the bottom for though?
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro Those vintage style Cooperstown caps are awesome but real hard to find. Those are the only ones I like. Cooperstown Ball Cap closed. I want to find a decent flannel cap without a logo, but no luck so far.
IME, SWDers tend to be skinny little punks with too much money, while MCers tend to be mature, respectable members of society like this guy... Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley LOL...I can't get a pic without running the risk of more stalking charges and another ban from the mall.
I like the baggy tonio.
My God! I'll be blushing for weeks.
^ there's a sitcom waiting to happen
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 I said this and got asked, on a stupid tangent, if I'm a parent. Well....are you a parent?
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