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Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Dude is $$$$, and doesn't care about anything I respect that How is that worthy of respect?
Quote: Originally Posted by noobizor Unless this guy's a proven troll or something, I'd like to know this too -- especially after receiving such vicious reactions when commenting on clothes and status. Ie you must not understand 'quality' when questioning the value of those affiliate brands advertised up top^^. Yet when someone truly wealthy comes along, look how easily those same egos get bruised; look how fast their tune changes! Did you...
Jesus Christ. Why does it always hafta be children. I'd like to see a movie about a 40yo Spiderman.
Drops on Varvatos, Superfine and Converse. Added ten new items.
Quote: Originally Posted by max-t it took me 3 pairs before i found a good fit for me. wasted like 50 bucks in shipping cuz i was too lazy to go to the store that's why you gotta use revolve. free shipping both ways.
weird guy sz 30
IDK how much these stretch. Pretty snug now. Should I size up one?
Quote: Originally Posted by downwithianbrown Nolan does a good job of making his actors work in their parts. that Juno chick was pretty good in inception and I couldnt stand her before. If by "pretty good" you mean "bland and inoffensive" than I agree with you.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Bale is returning as Batman as everyone knows. Nolan will direct and co-write once again as well. It'd be nice if he'd get someone who could actually write decent dialogue. +1 on the Gyllenhaal hate.
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