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I think all the foreshadowing is pretty obvious. Clearly, this season is leading up to a finale where the SCDP crew goes fishing upstate and Pete brings his rifle along. (Because he totally would.) Sally, who stowed away in the back of the car, finds it and sets off on a killing spree accompanied by Duck Phillips' dog. It's basically like the movie Badlands except not at all.
I like how entirely half-assed the photoshops are.
No pinstripes. Not that you would anyway.
Thought this thread was gonna be about the new HBO show Veep.
Once met a marine who was discharged with PTSD. He was an MP. The PTSD was brought about after a confrontation with a guy on the base who was threatening to kill his wife and himself. They tried to talk him out of it as they were walking toward him. He fired once, and this guy got grazed in the thigh. Now he works at Walmart. Is this relevant? Doubtful.
It's what I've been doing. Whatevs. Thanks guys
I'm the nominal leader of a group, but I have no real authority. One of my groupmates is the kind of guy who you can count on to talk five minutes straight every time he opens his mouth. He's also the kind of guy who could easily turn all passive-aggressive and sabotagey. He's not completely stupid, but he does tend to waste a lot of meeting time. How do I tell him to shut the fuck up without turning him against me?
Quite a few of you didn't.
Cautiously optimistic. And I like that they're not setting it on Mars. They seem to be making a completely different movie, which is good, because no one can beat Verhoeven at being Verhoeven. If this follows the True Grit model of reboots, it just might be worth watching.
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