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That's fucking awesome.
more drops
It was far better as a Detroit commercial than a Chrysler commercial.
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion I'm going to(Willy too!) post any TOJ-related posts that Drew or Charly make on the unofficial website so it would be easier to do this. much appreciated, dude
I wish there was a way to view this thread and only see drew and charlie's posts and people's fit pictures. It's annoying to have to click through pages and pages of bullshit just to see if there is actually any new info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Star I have considered Mein Kampf, Communist Manifesto, Playboy: The Completed Centrefolds, The complete illustrated Kama Sutra and etc; however, each of them would be career limiting. Masterpiece of understatement. Well done.
Looking for trunks (not boxer briefs). Wore H&M for a while, but they didn't have any last time I was there. Any recs?
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew fresh shaven kinda pale today though, in the midst of getting through a cold. Lova - Jcrew - Dior - Ted Baker Also, I know the Lova jacket is a little small. Let that be a lesson to anyone else... size up with Lova because it runs very slim. I kinda just leave it open now since my chest is too big after working out. [[SPOILER]] Put your camera lower, maybe about chest height, and zoom it in a bit, and you'll look a lot...
Dirty Harry. First time. Great, much better than I expected actually. I have to say, I don't really understand the people who call the movie itself "fascist".
Quote: Originally Posted by MarkI I really meant no harm, when the regulars say fucked up, tongue in cheek shit, it's ite, but when someone who doesnt post as often does, it's a call for war. Last time a regular made a remark about a family member (banging a daughter, iirc) he got timed out for a month.
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