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(Before you say, "but...but...that's not what he said," take a minute to think through the implications.)
Yeah, I totally get that. But the problem there is the culture and that is what needs to be changed.Can't remember if you're actually an idiot with or just think it's funny to fake it.
Here's my problem with most of the arguments for gun control in this thread which for convenience I'll summarize thus: 1. "why do you need an assault rifle, desert eagle, etc. to go hunting?" and 2. "restricting access would save lives without infringing on decent folks right to bear."Let's take 2 first. While restricting access seems like a great idea, I think it would and does have the unintended (to some, intended) consequence of putting guns out of the reach of some of...
I think what this debate really comes down to is this: either you trust your neighbors and fellow citizens with the power of life and death, or you prefer that that power be reserved for the police, military, etc. I happen to trust my neighbors not to kill me, and I'm happy that I live in a culture where I can do that. These mass shootings are still incredibly rare, and automatic weapons have been around for a century. If their rate is increasing, perhaps we ought to...
so i always useta hate wet shaving; time-intensive and painstaking are not two of my favorite adjectives, ya dig? then one day while blazed my two-day stubble started really irritating me, and i got out the badger et al. and shaved that shit right out of sight, a process i found intensely pleasurable. later, i realized i never had such a close, irritation-free shave in my life. from that day on, i resolved to never pick up a blade sober again. i recommend this process to...
FTFY. What an inspiring young man.
wtf this and the walker thing are all i've been hearing about on the news
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