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i like. though lol it looks like you're cut in half.
Quote: Originally Posted by v0rtex The myth of the college drop out is a logical fallacy: Some very successful entrepreneurs dropped out of school Therefore, if I drop out of school I am more likely to become a successful entrepreneur This is incorrect. The majority of self-made millionaires are college educated. Only 20% do not have a college degree (compared to 45% of the general population). 18% have masters, 8% law, 6% medical, 6% PHDs - so...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero A bunch of the streaming sites got seized right before the Superbowl. It's slim pickings. I understand their rationale to a certain extent. But the end result is that instead of watching a stream with commercials, people watch a torrent without commercials. Though since streams don't figure into Neilsen's, I suppose it doesn't really matter. Also....I guess no one is gonna bother torrenting something...
any streams?
Quote: Originally Posted by caxt I use Franklin because of his early life experiences, and how he raised himself up from nothing. Quote: Originally Posted by Master Milano Well nowadays most jobs require a college degree and what not... Richard Branson
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Another boring episode. Man, this season's been for shit so far. The last two have been great, IMO.
jodhpur cut
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Awesome pants fit... Yeah. Dunno that they really work with the denim overshirt though.
decent show so far
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