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^ plus a bunch. actually a good looking dude, though you never woulda known it before.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Buy some basics. Yeah, this. Other than they have any decent cologne? I'm not sure what they sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG Any monkey engineer from the thirdworld wtf?
Quote: Originally Posted by SLSAMG Need to judge for self what is value of safety vs one's health (post-crash surgeries and disabilities are more costly than any car). German luxury cars are damn cheap form of health insurance; after all, driving is one's riskiest daily activity and they are the safest cars if ever in collision. Would rather be in a new Mercedes w/full safety options than any low-rent pos Kia or Toyota with their paperbag grade...
Quote: Originally Posted by magogian12345 What are you reading, The Cynics Tribune? Most of the mainstream reviews give it decent marks. the avclub and a few other places,49783/ Quote: The Cape is awful. It just might be the worst TV series you see all year, and the year is only nine days old. It's bad enough that you can watch it, proclaim it that, then feel fairly confident in...
Hate to see a game end that way. So anticlimactic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese I bet if you slicked your hair back, wore a contrast-collar shirt, slim trousers and boots you'd look like a badass, angry wall-street trader. plz do this tagut. plz.
Everything I've read says it's one of the worst new shows in a while. Like....laughably bad.
To be fair, those look really, really bad on him.
I wish I wasn't broke.
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