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Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler I've pissed with the top button closed before, just undoing the fly. How can you do this? Don't the zipper teeth scratch your dick?
re: snowman's shit. stfu dudes. at least his pics are far more interesting than the peacoatflannelbluejeanredwingsclarks crowd.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW But don't forget that in 8 states it is also Confederate Memorial Day or RE Lee's Birthday. Wait, really?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot My friend has an 08 civic. He just had the 60k mile service done to it. Changed the timing belt etc.. $2,000 from the Honda dealership. He got robbed. Tell him to find a different dealer to get his service done.
^Mazdaspeed 3? Hell...I'd probably rather have, say, a Genesis or Forte coupe than a Civic these days. Or, possibly, the new Hyundai that I posted earlier in the thread.
^ without all the shiny reflections and shit, it still looks boring as fuck. trust me.
try btjunkie
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 Couldn't you just roll the cuff twice though, rather than having one huge one? plus a bunch. double cuff is the way to go. i generally prefer double cuff to single cuff, even if the jeans aren't supermegalong. other than that, nice fit and really love the pic, robbie.
Hmm....maybe you could buy something from their Home section. Sheets or kitchen supplies or something.
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