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Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl I'll probably start posting in the non discussion thread, and post once and a while here. I don't want to seem like I am trolling?!? No don't. No one ever looks at that other thread. Or at least, I don't. Just post here. Fuck the haters.
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff Bolded sentence is bizarre and totally fucked up. indeed
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can someone explain wtf car bras are for? they look terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by cocks [[SPOILER]] H&M blazer Fred Perry polo Levis 510 Fred Perry shoes try 511s instead
yeah it's one of my favorites.
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Getting a amc wagon rock crawler next week. Ugly as sin. If I posted pictures it may blind people with it's ugliness. Please post pics. I almost picked up an Eagle wagon a few months ago.
The consensus among reviewers I trust seems to be "interesting failure". I'll probably see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland I do. I just find it ironic that as a male Southerner, it is simply assumed that I'm a racist; yet, can you get any more racist than moving to another neighborhood just to get away from "those people"? As I mentioned, I went to school and played sports with an equal number of blacks. Now, my old neighborhood is pretty rough and I wouldn't want to raise my kids there. My point is, I probably am racist in some...
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