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i think it works the other way around
i think the standard criticisms of iq are relevant here
I don't think Sam Spade is a troll or a true believer. I think he's civil, relatively well-informed, and genuinely interested in having conversations rather than going for the kinds of "gotcha" posts that many confuse with stimulating discourse. He's also coming from a wildly different perspective than most, and his taste in ideas is suspect. I hope he keeps posting.
Yeah, let's not let our sources get in the way of what we know the story is.
I can filter out the bias pretty easily, but their reporting and style is still insipid as shit for the most part. Marketplace is fun though.
I think people underestimate the extent to which this is often true. Investigative documentary is a hugely risky endeavor. It's far more expensive to send a camera crew than a journalist. If you go all that way and don't get what you're looking for, which is quite likely, you've still gotta release something, even if it's just pretty pictures and local color.
You're never going to get what you want.
Yeah, that's my point.
You fucks are dragging this so far off course. The reason I started this thread was to discuss this idea in isolation, without getting bogged down in the anti-socialist snark and awe that y'all whip out at every slightest provocation (which sam, admittedly, provides plenty of).
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