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looking for a minimal vertically-oriented one-compartment shoulder bag with just enough room for a few notebooks and maybe a thin textbook. prefer zipper rather than flap, brown leather, and under $200. any suggestions?
that was directed better than almost any tv episode i've seen of any show. felt like the best domestic violence horror movie never made.
hate polos but the pattern is actually pretty fucking cool
If by some "social issues" you mean psychotic, oblivious to social cues, and completely lacking in self-awareness, then yeah.He reminds me of this scene times ten. longer version
so i always useta hate wet shaving; time-intensive and painstaking are not two of my favorite adjectives, ya dig? then one day while blazed my two-day stubble started really irritating me, and i got out the badger et al. and shaved that shit right out of sight, a process i found intensely pleasurable. later, i realized i never had such a close, irritation-free shave in my life. from that day on, i resolved to never pick up a blade sober again. i recommend this process to...
I think all the foreshadowing is pretty obvious. Clearly, this season is leading up to a finale where the SCDP crew goes fishing upstate and Pete brings his rifle along. (Because he totally would.) Sally, who stowed away in the back of the car, finds it and sets off on a killing spree accompanied by Duck Phillips' dog. It's basically like the movie Badlands except not at all.
No pinstripes. Not that you would anyway.
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