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Sex with a 16yo?
yeah, what i'm saying is that although papa john's et al may be multimillion dollar companies, the hourly people who will be affected by this aren't actually employed by these big companies. they're employed by the franchise owners, who often only own one or two stores. so this actually does affect "mom and pop" more than you might think.
these places are franchises, no?
this seems ominous
gooby pls
looking for a minimal vertically-oriented one-compartment shoulder bag with just enough room for a few notebooks and maybe a thin textbook. prefer zipper rather than flap, brown leather, and under $200. any suggestions?
As much as I enjoy your posts, they'd be more effective without this type of thing.
I read this every time I need to get psyched up to write a long paper.
i wonder whether it was actually him. if i was president i'd totally have a guy who got paid to post on lameass webforums so i didn't have to.
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