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A couple of goodies from recently: The brown Rolex is obviously vintage (and great looking), the silver and gold are my new stainless datejust and a vintage gold datejust, and the Omega was presented to a friend's grandfather upon retirement from Southwestern Bell.
Happy birthday to me (yesterday)!
Sorry for the delay. I was corrected: "My grandfather, Robert L. Lowery, Jr. was in the very first group of guys that trained under Chennault when the US Air Force was created. He was 19 years old at that time, but had been serving since he was 17. He was born in 1922 and lied about his age because he needed the $ to support his family. I believe he was the oldest of 9 siblings." So it was the [US] Air Force. I was thinking that it would be ridiculous to have a Seiko at...
Re: "That is really rather good looking." Needs a little TLC and the iPhone camera doesn't do it justice, but it's a really cool piece. She'll appreciate the compliment.
The lady's grandfather's navy watch.
All, to answer your questions about the boots: These pics are pre-Italy and in fact, I'd only tried them on once when I took these pics. They are Ridgeway soles. I chose those because they are the thickest and least slippery - These boots are meant to be beaters. I wear them every three days or so and the soles just keep on keeping on. They are on the MH71 last. They are Black Arran Grain. These will not be my last pair of Chelsea boots from...
Gents, Long time no see. Since I've been wearing them (as opposed to the ones in the other box below) and have the photos right here, I thought I'd show off the new(ish) Gaziano & Girling Burnhams I had made up. What's so great about being able to order boots like this is being able to specify the widths; the left one is a D and the right an E and they are so unbelievably comfortable that they didn't require any breaking in and I immediately walked all over Italy in...
Regarding the movement question: no, but I will. What is the significance of that movement?
Not JLC, Longines. Note this 1947 Longines/Wittenauer Ad:
After long, long last, I have finally looked at every page of the watch P0rn thread and now I can post a pic of one of my watches. My Grandfather's Wittnauer which was at that time part of another watch company whose name I can't remember. JLC perhaps? Anyway, this thing had fallen apart and rotted away and I had Central Watch Band put it back together. It needs a band and different hands on the chronos (notice how they don't match) but it's a nice thing to have and...
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