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only if you're living in the 1890s.if so, also remember not to appear anywhere outside your bedroom "in your shirtsleeves", andALWAYS wear a hat when outdoors.
good hats come in real sizes. stay away from anything that's only offered in S/M/L.
matching overcoat & facial hair...it's what all the kids are wearing!
a while ago ..."OWWWWW!!! Rose stems have thorns!!!"now ..."Lesson learned!!!!!"
you knuckleheads! get over here!! I love these guys!!!
jackets like that have been around for a very long time. also summer jackets following that principle in madras and/or seersucker. reflects the same weltanschauung as blue corduroy trousers embroidered with little lobsters.
I think so. Any objections?
eddie bauer limited edition skyliner jacket wood skis cigar clenched in teeth
I've never seen anyone look as if smiling caused him so much pain.
just on the off chance you may not be kidding, the idea that "rule of thumb" means anything other than "an approximate standard of measurement" is false. a simple google search for the phrase will yield dozens of discussions & investigations, all leading to that conclusion. anyone who says otherwise is the victim of a hoax dating from the 1970s.
New Posts  All Forums: