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it looks black on the right?
Looks beautiful,,, is the wool about the same thickness as say a Filson Mackinaw?
likely final price drops.... would like to get rid of this stuff instead ASAP. Take all 3 for $120.
more price drops...
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Canvas is in Malibu, CA. Nomad is in Toronto or Vancouver, I believe. Not sure about Outlooks. Nomad is Toronto and Outlooks is Victoria, B.C.
Price drops on everything.
All prices are including shipping. Sizing specs available upon request. PayPal only... PM with any questions and thanks for looking! --- Gitman Vintage Green/Blue Striped Oxford Size Medium Worn approx 5 times. SOLD ----- Bellerose Chambray Work Coat Size Medium (true to size) Bellerose (www.bellerose.be) is basically the Belgian J.Crew but with an aesthetic that's slightly more workwear/Americana than prep... Check their lookbooks and catalogue for an idea of...
check your PM's m00ba... pendleton sold, chambray sold, blazer sold. Boots, CPO, Velour still available.
yep... just pm'd you Adrian. Apolis chambray is sold.
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