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Most definitely. For anyone interested, there is a good sticky guide titled "The Wonderful World of Vaping" here. Specialty stores (i.e. not smoke shops, but dedicated e-cig shops) have been popping up monthly (or more?) here in the OC, and I anticipate this culture experiencing a huge boom in 2013. What I'm saying is if you have some capital, open up a b&m store in your area now We love happy, shiny things at this forum! I'm sadly at the point where I'm spending more...
Just rejoined forum to check classifieds and stumbled upon this. Vaping is really about to blow up. Numerous shops here in the OC... already blown up in other countries like the Philippines. I'm not as learned as some of the vets at ECF, but if anyone has any Qs, I can help. It's not nearly as unhealthy as cigs, and it's like a portable hookah for those of you that are into that (I never was). You can purchase 0 nicotine juices. I started at 6ml nicotine since I smoked...
Truth. I scooped up the dark grey bomber quick since I have so many other black and brown jackets. Gave it a soak, and it looks amazing. Breaking in nicely.
Thanks slack tide. Great price on some CPs.
Payment sent.
PM sent
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Definitely my next piece. Great work, Drew.
Quick pic. Dark grey bomber. Thanks, Drew
Quote: Originally Posted by Saul Silver I like Odd Future but they're really not anything that special. Talking about rape and chanting swag over and over again is going to get old after a while, if it hasn't already. Frank Ocean is the only guy I see having any lasting mainstream appeal, and he deserves it. Agree. Downloaded their album based on hype from various forums. Had to research their story to see what the big deal was, and duh......
Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin Same could be said of the MA1, no? Agree with both of you. People fronting with the whole "payment in hand as soon as you announce _____ !" I vote Harrington.
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