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Quote: Originally Posted by samurai There's no need to try and appease me, my friend. You are all entitled to your opinions. What I really don't care for is rudeness and trying to make yourself seem like something you are not. Yes because insulting someone's hobby/passion by saying "lol jeans are jeans what is there to know" isn't rude at all
Bad as in terrible.
Bootcut jeans usually look pretty bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I guess you're trying to help... Nudie changed the Ralf to the Alf this past year. I'm actually trying to sow discord and confusion, but you had to come along and ruin it.
Isn't the model called the Regular Ralf, not Regular Alf? I think that's the first thing that would make me suspicious. edit: I guess there's another model named the Alf? I dunno, don't know much about Nudies.
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr what is the proper Nudie inseam length for someone 6'1"? I have noticed, atleast out of the Nudie cuts I have tried, the 32L seems to run a bit short ( or maybe just a true 32" length) whereas others run a bit longer like 32.5"-33". Should someone around 6'1" probably go with a 34L in Nudies? my guess would be yes but wanted to chek if there are any 6'+ peeps who have purchased 34L Nudies.. This question is...
I wish I had this sort of decision to make. I have to wear glasses and they're no fun, let me tell you. I have a real problem putting things in my eye too, so I can't wear contacts.
Quote: Originally Posted by warlok1965 But here is what I will be wearing on top of that in an hour: my new Sex Machine, a 1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom ooohhh yeah!!!!! Damn. I think this wins best post of the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 It wasn't a serious question. But the free range poultry vs pen kept beef / veal argument can be made for the bird's meat also. K It wasn't a serious answer, either
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 Why is it better that Kobe beef doesnt do any exercise and just sits around and drinks beer, but we want our chickens to go running around out in open fields? K Well, you don't eat cow's eggs, for one thing.
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