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Anyone ever try Meltonian delicate cream on their Aldens? The guy at the shoe store recommended them but it didn't receive very good reviews online. One thing on AAA said it would strip the color from your shoes, which seemed kind of odd for a "delicate" cream.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Just received some indy boots from J.Crew purchased from their 15% off free shipping sale. The quality control on this pair is really pretty low. I have some pictures but its almost impossible to capture what Im talking about. This is how mine are. I think that's how they are supposed to be.
another price drop
Price drop!
Only worn a couple times and washed once. Chest - 23.5" Length (starting at bottom of hood) - 26.5" $50 Shipped via Fedex
So much for getting discounted Aldens Quote: ACTION\tAMOUNT 05/12/2010\tCredit Card\t\tCancelled\t$374.00 They said they were "sold out".
The code works on Aldens. Just got the brown longwings.
Pictures of the J Crew boot http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...d.php?t=196366
Wow, I need that red buttondown.
Just received these in the mail - LSH Cognac Longwing (soft calfskin, oiled leather sole). The leather is like butter.
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