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Woodbury Commons had some great sales on RRL. Oxfords for $25, t-shirts for $20, jeans/khakis for $70-80.
Another drop on the BBBF
Drop on the last two shirts!
Price drops!
Each shirt has been worn and washed (air dried) 1-2x. 1. BBBF Camel Oxford (Club Collar) - Size 3 - $30 Shipped Chest - 23" Shoulder - 18.5" Length - 30" 2. Gant Rugger Blue Oxford w/ red stitching - Size L - Sold Chest - 21" Shoulder - 18.5 Length - 29" Gant Rugger Black Gingham - Size L - sold Chest - 21" Shoulder - 18.5" Length - 29"
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it for $89? They were running a promo in July on their website.
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill I just bought one of these. Medium seems like it would be good for a day or two. http://www.johnandmarybags.com/bags.html Finally received this last week. Construction seems very good and the canvas feels thick. The leather is softer and a little thinner but I guess I'm also use to my Filson bag. For $89, this is definitely a steal. Even at the regular cost, I think it's a pretty good value.
Must resist
Another drop
From the Mister Crew blog: Quote: The hit of the collection is the trucker jacket; made with Filson’s tin cloth it is probably the best design to come out of Levi’s since the creation of the 501. It fits slim, and you will probably want to go up a size.
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