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All I saw was non-selvedge oxfords at Woodbury. I think retail was listed at $145.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Now I just need to find the bastard who picked up the Quoddy Deck Chukkas in size 9 before I could!
Wow, I ordered something at 11:20am and they've already shipped it out. Great service!
Woodbury Commons had some great sales on RRL. Oxfords for $25, t-shirts for $20, jeans/khakis for $70-80.
Another drop on the BBBF
Drop on the last two shirts!
Price drops!
Each shirt has been worn and washed (air dried) 1-2x. 1. BBBF Camel Oxford (Club Collar) - Size 3 - $30 Shipped Chest - 23" Shoulder - 18.5" Length - 30" 2. Gant Rugger Blue Oxford w/ red stitching - Size L - Sold Chest - 21" Shoulder - 18.5 Length - 29" Gant Rugger Black Gingham - Size L - sold Chest - 21" Shoulder - 18.5" Length - 29"
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it for $89? They were running a promo in July on their website.
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill I just bought one of these. Medium seems like it would be good for a day or two. Finally received this last week. Construction seems very good and the canvas feels thick. The leather is softer and a little thinner but I guess I'm also use to my Filson bag. For $89, this is definitely a steal. Even at the regular cost, I think it's a pretty good value.
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