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Glad I didn't send him a money order for the jeans that someone "backed out on".
I was able to buy a pair of the slim raws during the Pink Pony sale (25% off).
Thanks. Ended up getting the grey chambray and the cotton shawl sweater in black indigo.
How do the sweaters fit? TTS or slim like some of the oxfords and chambrays?
Quote: Originally Posted by stu00a Las Vegas Polo Outlet is one of the highest sales stores in the States. And I was there yesterday. They had quiet amount of RRL bags, belts, accessories. And a lot of Blue Label stuffs. And they limit only 5 items per person, so basically you can only buy 5 items from 75% rack. Manager said that there are too many resellers recently and they put a limit. I must have went a day too soon because they didn't...
Sherman Brothers x Alden in snuff suede
Quote: Originally Posted by kit99bar many of us have asked several times however we do not get the emails. Check your spam folder. That's where mine were ending up.
Article from yesterday's NYT on American made shoes http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/21/fashion/21SHOES.html
Thanks! I'll see if they can order a 32 and see how they compare.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude hard to tell from the pics ... but can you fit your fingers/hand in waist? hot soak could help but i believe they are already sanforized (preshrunk) and the waist will stretch with wear... Yeah, I have some room in the waist. Unfortunately they didn't have a size down but the SA thought I wouldn't have enough room if I sized down.
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