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I bought these on eBay but they are a little large for me (normally a 34 in Epaulet trousers). They are tagged a size 36 but tailored to 35" and have an added "slip resistant" waist band (see picture). Worn ~5 times. Measurements: 35" waist, 10.5" rise, 31" inseam with 2.5+ to let out, 12" thigh, 9.5" knee, 8.5" ankle. Sold/B]
Received my loafers today. Great service! Happy I went TTS, they for perfectly.
Park and Bond
Are the 10oz leaf green cut in the "new" style?
I know there are issues with the waist size vs actual measurements but I haven't seen the inseam be way off until I got a pair of the Low Straights in the mail today. 32L and they barely measured out to 30". If anything, I thought the inseam is normally longer than what is listed.
Worn and washed once. Just a little too big in the waist for me. $85 Shipped
Worn off an on for 6 months but just a little too small for me. Cold soaked twice. Waist - 16.5" Inseam - 32.5" Rise - 11.75" Thigh - 11.75" Hem - 8.5" sold
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I took my Gunmetal chinos to get an inch taken out as they feel a little bit more snug compared to the old style. Other than the waist, they fit perfect.
BarrieAnd they are not cxl but the color is very similar.
Picked these up on my way home today at The Shoe Mart - dark brown longwing w/ crepe sole.
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