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Quote: Originally Posted by Shorty Long Blackbird in Seattle, Imogene+Willie in Nashville, UnionMade in SF, Farinelli's in DC...that's all I have at the moment. Some items are starting to arrive. Getting solid information on this subject has been EXTREMELY difficult. *Edit...add Detour in Milwaukee to the list. And Sugar Cube in Philly
Had a couple people back out on buying these so they're still available. Price drop as well!
Probably have to charge a few bucks more. Where in Canada? I can give you an estimate on shipping.
Bought these last year but they've gotten little wear. I've worn them maybe 10-15 times but they are showing little to no fading as the acrylic coating makes them very hard to break in. Nice details and hardware on these. Made in Japan. These have never been washed or saked. $65 Shipped. Waist - 16.5" Inseam - 34" Front Rise - 12" Back Rise - 15" Thigh - 12" Knee - 9" Hem - 8.25"
Yep, the Georgetown store. They had two colors: 1 was a zip up red with the waffle inside and the other was a navy pullover with waffle inside.
RL in DC has RRL sweatshirts on sale for $75. They are the reversible style.
They were taking down during the current sale, along with all other collabs.
20% off with "SHHH" but it doesn't apply to any of the collabs Looks like J. Crew took off the "In Good Company" page all together. Lame.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley is it possible to ever use discount codes on collab items? i've got a few things i'm interested in Yes
J Crew is chromexcel. H = half size
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