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Do the N&F Super Heavy Stretch that much or are they solid like a rock and don't move? I normally wear a 32 so I'm not sure if the 31 would cut off circulation.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Yep quoddy seems to forgotten they were nearing extinction and have become money hungry. How dare they try to turn a profit!
The new Ranger Moc looks good http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/66616
Gitmax x SeaVees collab http://seavees.com/shop/products/men...eeding_madras/
If only these were a 9
Bass Weejuns - Cordovan Color - Size 9.5 - Worn maybe 3 times at most - $35 Shipped. Some light water spots on the sole. Length - 11.5" Width - 4" All shirts have been worn and washed 5x max. All orders ship via FedEx. MJK - Blue w/ Red and White Stripes Japanese Cotton - Size L - $old Chest - 21" Shoulders - 18" Sleeves - 25" Length - 26" BoO White with Black and Gold Thin Stripes - Size L - $sold Chest - 21" Shoulders - 18.5" Sleeves -...
Just got these in black for $60! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00..._ya_os_product
Nice, a restock on the blue oxfords! Are there any other colors coming or should I go ahead get the blue?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shorty Long Blackbird in Seattle, Imogene+Willie in Nashville, UnionMade in SF, Farinelli's in DC...that's all I have at the moment. Some items are starting to arrive. Getting solid information on this subject has been EXTREMELY difficult. *Edit...add Detour in Milwaukee to the list. And Sugar Cube in Philly
Had a couple people back out on buying these so they're still available. Price drop as well!
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