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Love the canvas cloth pants in dark red. Probably getting those and the navy suede mocs.
Damn, great deal. Wish they were a 8.5.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Jan would also like to see some pics of the mocs that came in for you guys. Also, how's the fit? TTS? I do a 10.5 in Sperrys, which is quite tight, but it stretches out nicely. Can I expect the same with the camp moc and/or blucher moc? Thanks You might want to go down .5 size, depending on what type of socks (if any) you are going to wear with them. I'm a size 8.5 in Indy's and a 9 in Alden Unlined Chukkas...
I wear a M in both brands.
Just got the Ranger Mocs in the mail. For $80, they are a really great deal. The leather is nice and thick, fit is comfortable, and the stitching looks good considering they're made in El Salvador. They aren't Quoddy but they look to be a pretty good deal at that price point.
APC and Nudie both suck. I would go EP.
Do the N&F Super Heavy Stretch that much or are they solid like a rock and don't move? I normally wear a 32 so I'm not sure if the 31 would cut off circulation.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Yep quoddy seems to forgotten they were nearing extinction and have become money hungry. How dare they try to turn a profit!
The new Ranger Moc looks good
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