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price drop
Might want to update the website in that case
Price drop
Price drop
Bought this a few years back but it has sat in my closet since I don't wear much black. Made in the USA. $60 Shipped Measurements: Chest - 21.5" Shoulder - 19" Length (from base of collar) - 26" Sleeves (from shoulder) - 26"
I bought these on eBay but they are a little large for me (normally a 34 in Epaulet trousers). They are tagged a size 36 but tailored to 35" and have an added "slip resistant" waist band (see picture). Worn ~5 times. Measurements: 35" waist, 10.5" rise, 31" inseam with 2.5+ to let out, 12" thigh, 9.5" knee, 8.5" ankle. Sold/B]
Received my loafers today. Great service! Happy I went TTS, they for perfectly.
Park and Bond http://allthingsd.com/20120920/exclusive-gilt-groupe-to-shutter-park-cut-back-on-groceries/
Are the 10oz leaf green cut in the "new" style?
I know there are issues with the waist size vs actual measurements but I haven't seen the inseam be way off until I got a pair of the Low Straights in the mail today. 32L and they barely measured out to 30". If anything, I thought the inseam is normally longer than what is listed.
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