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Ordered the SNS Stark from Mutiny DC late Wednesday night and it was delivered 9am this morning Very nice packaging as well
It's only for Canadian orders
Is I wear a 42R in the old Marcello, would I go with a 40 or 42 in the Weller? I tried to find the Marcello measurements online but had no luck...
Will there be another run of the redemption jeans? I bought a pair last year and love them and was hoping to get a new pair.
I received my shirts yesterday and they look great. Love the red polka dot and the colbalt blue (little bit darker than the website but the color is awesome).
price drop
Might want to update the website in that case
Price drop
Price drop
Bought this a few years back but it has sat in my closet since I don't wear much black. Made in the USA. $60 Shipped Measurements: Chest - 21.5" Shoulder - 19" Length (from base of collar) - 26" Sleeves (from shoulder) - 26"
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