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Thanks. Looking at the size charts, 43 may be my best bet.
Would a 42 BD in the new shirts be closest to a L BD in the old style?
just got through and somehow it was still available!
Description is also offQuality denim such as this 14oz Kaihara Selvedge is prized for its ability to fade and evolve with wear.
Anyone's RC order from atrium ship yet? I ordered the black heavyweight hoodie on Saturday but no updates so far.
I bought it during the recent sale as an early Christmas gift and love it. Perfect weight and a great cut.
Same for me, but on the Brixtons Edit: to be accurate, mine was for mismatched shoe sizes but it all worked itself out! Great customer service
If I'm a L in the before dinner, is the 40 okay or will it be too slim?
Additional 20% off sale items on SLICKDEALS20
Same here
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