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Sold!!!! Thanks!!!
Sold Pending Payment
Price drop down to $180 shipped, thought it was sold. Thanks for looking!
Hardly used Louis Vuitton Wallet from 2008. Only slight wear and 1 loose thread. Information can be found here... http://www.louisvuitton.com/us/flash...=home_entry_us List price new on one of these is $305, I'm asking $180 shipped to Continental US. Paypal Only. Comes in original box, with gift receipt (no longer good for return but it is documented proof of authenticity) Perfect rating on previous transactions and on EBAY. Only reason I'm selling is because it...
Awesome idea and a gentleman for doing this. As for a shameless plug, I just bought an engagement ring and I'm negotiating the purchase of a house so I can't afford nice ties like this anymore so free would be the optimal price.
Great denim, good luck with the sale. I have no idea how these stuck around for this long. Great deal for whomever buys these off of you. Free bump!
Ande Whall cougars about 1 year 3 months, cross post from evo thread. Ande's are under the new Ooe's.
Ande Whall Cougars - 1 year 3 months. Desk job, probably about 9 months of actual wear. 4 Washes.
Fit pics later... for now the presoak and postsoak goodness... Comparison with Ande Whall Cougars... about 1 year 3 months. Not everyday wear, and I sit at a desk everyday. HAIRY
Ooe's arrived today, they are awesome!!!! Right up there with my Ande Whalls, great character to the denim. They have been soaked and are drying now, pictures tomorrow or the next day. I misstated above that these were LHT, they are actually RHT but everything else was correct. Lots of indigo loss in the inital soak but they are still the darkest jeans I've ever owned.
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