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Quote: Originally Posted by spitfirees20 I've been having this problem with just about every pair of shoes, boots, etc. that I own (RM Williams Chelseas, a pair of Johnston and Murphys, etc.), and I need to figure out a solution before I start purchasing some nicer shoes. The problem is that the very back of the heel is wearing much, much faster than the rest of the heel, or any other part of the sole. I'm assuming it's due to the fact that I'm walking...
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren The J. Crew 484 Slim is actually slimmer than the J. Crew Urban Slim. I wear the urban slim cords and chinos alot, and I really like my Left Field Slim Straights. You can get them at MORTAR: http://www.shopmortar.com/store/coll...dge-denim.html The price point is solid. They fit a bit on the tighter side when I purchased them, but like most raw denim, they stretched out quite nicely. Here's a fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral who cares? restaurants (and their customers) should focus on the food........but that would be too logical, right? If you just want the food, order it to go. I wish more restaurants still required proper dress. I don't like the notion..."I'm paying for it, I can wear what I want." The restaurant is not your home, show some respect to the owner by dressing appropriately. For the owner's, demand some respect...
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I have really started to like Monk shoes. I have been looking at these John Lobb shoes for some time. What is your thought on these shoes? Is the pricing reasonable? Thanks. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT Not the best looking JLs I've seen, but not bad looking. I personally don't like rubber soles, but they'd be your shoes and you should have the soles you like
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Why does everyone think this is a science? Look at clothes, street snaps, WAYWT, lots of shit and try lots of things and your taste will organically develop. Agreed! You have to wear your clothes and not let the clothes wear you. Most importantly, "you" have to like what you're wearing...you can listen to everyone here, but if you don't like the clothes suggested it will never work for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoMediaMan-27 The suit fits you very well, which is what you actually asked about it. The high gorge, higher pockets, high button stance, and shorter jacket have nothing to do with fit. These are modern styling options which some people like and some don't. As you already stated, lengthen the sleeves just a little. Assuming this is a "Regular" how much of these issues would be lessened with a "Long?"
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby They look fine. Probably a more readily alternative to Uniqlo and w/o the sizing grief of APC. No reason to get snobbish. They will probably fit some people better, as well. Someone here getting snobbish??? Noooo...I don't believe you.
Anything can be made popular with the right media push!
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp I would imagine that closer to where you want to end up is better. I have not personally tried this, but I wonder if no pocket also makes life easier, since a drastic narrowing will throw the pocket location to your armpit. No pockets for significant altering is definitely a plus. I recently bought some OCBD from Lands End and I had to remove the pockets because they did pull into my underarm area quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by JTK Search "leather tailors." I posted some info a while back. Off hand, James Tailoring on Sunset in WeHo works w/ leather. They did a decent job with reconstructing a leather jacket of mine. Hours are a little off, which is why I stopped bringing clothes there. If Wilshire Tailor does leather work, I would recommend them. They've done amazing work on everything else that I've brought in. Thanks for the info.
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