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careful with the New Jersey Devils possible trademark infringment there...
Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella I've lusted after these for over a year, but didn't pull the trigger 'cause I was just sick of chuck's after wearing them off and on for 25+ years as my main sneaks. During that time their popularity/played out-ness has ebbed and flowed. Finally, after going through a couple pairs of Tretorns, Sperrys and German Army trainers I decided to come back home. The same model/color pictured above arrived in the mail...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I've always kinda liked the multi laced chucks in the different colors. Where didja get them? Hopefully, i could find the black or cream ones on sale somewhere My GF got them on sale for $65 in Highland Park, CA at some shoe warehouse was pick up only. Otherwise I believe you can get them on nordstrom, zappos, or amazon's websites but at $95 or so
John Varvatos Chuck Taylors
Yeah uh...if you need a model for one of your new say a black two button suit tailored fit to perfection...then I'm local to Pasadena. I can even take my own pic for you guys with my D-SLR
Ok I'm convinced. I'm definitely going to purchase a suit after my State Bar exam is over. And I'm near Pasadena, wohoo!
Cool thanks for the input so far guys...I'll check out the aforementioned places.
Does anyone know where I can find a military style short sleeve button up like the one the guy on the right is wearing in the picture attached? I've looked at a bunch of sites online and have had no luck whatsoever. My best match so far was this shirt from Uniqlo , but the only problem is it's in the UK and they don't ship to the States. Other matches I've found were on Japanese websites and, again, they don't ship to the States. The only thing the U.S. stores seem to...
Yup...outfit looks fine to me. I don't see the problem with low-rise jeans that reveal the belt. That's a look...and a very common one in a lot of fashion mags both in the US and in Japan.
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