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Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd None. There is only one time. So why do you need so many watches? I don't have watches for the time.
I have these watches : 1) Omega : Vintage, pink gold, mechanic, brown alligator = free 2) Baume & Mercier : Hampton, steel, auto, black calf = 1 000 euros 3) Cartier : Tank, steel, auto, bracelet = 2 400 euros 4) Boucheron : Reflet, steel, auto, blue caribou and blue alligator = 1 710 euros 5) Patek : Golden ellipse, white gold, auto, blue alligator = 5 200 euros 6) Jaeger Lecoultre : Master utlra thin, black face, steel, mechanic, black alligator = 2 500 euros 7)...
Quote: Originally Posted by fain I was talking to a few female fashion snobs recently about how I like some Burberry stuff I saw on a website, and they looked at me as if I had admitted to hating jews, blacks, chinese, hispanics and puppies Has Burberry become a cliche? Passe? Boring? Overdone? That's sure what they said. But I'm not a girl, and I don't really care for the latest trends on a runway. I don't see it, and I don't care. But I've been...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik So... I'm buying a Seraphin shearling from RJMan, and in doing so, I realized I don't have a decent pair of gloves. I'm looking for cashmere-lined leather (my girl has a pair, they're nice..). Winter is approaching and all, and after living in San Diego, VA Beach, and New Orleans.. the DC winter is a little chilly for me (yes, I realize it's not Chicago or Boston :P ). I read over at londonlounge (RJ, you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T It had to be done. She's great, but it wasnt a relationship that was heading anywhere, so after a year and a half I put a stop to it. Just kinda eating into each other's futures if we keep going like that. It's still sad though. Now youcan live your gayness freely !
You have poor hair, the only solution is a MERKIN
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Maybe its the alochol, but he reminds me of this dude I agree. He looks like a bear or like Mikey Mouse
Quote: Originally Posted by RichmondStyle I have just commenced a total overhaul of my ill-fitting outdated suit collection and, with the help of SF I have purchased a few new suits that put everything I owned before to shame. I'm tempted to go all the way and start building a pocket square collection and start wearing them to work. My only concern, however, is that I have NEVER in my 8 years of practicing law at a big firm (top 5) in New York and...
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