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Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel I guess it just bothered me because no one asked you to post what watches you have. You just volunteered the information. Putting the price of the watches in your post was just the icing on the cake. Why posting pics? Words are not enough ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Not that I have ever lived on a farm, but I believe his displays are somewhat like raising cattle. The more responses, the more post. The more grain stuffed in one end, the more methane that exits the other end. Are you jealous?
How much would you pay for a good Alligator wallet? What color would you choose?
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Does this make you feel good? To put yourself on display all the time. To make it seem as though people should care as to what you have? I find it incredible that you would even bother to post a moderate watch collection. Its respectable but not at all impressive. People here talk non stop about what they have. I share my marvels. What is the problem ? It is not meant to be impressive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Golf_Nerd None. There is only one time. So why do you need so many watches? I don't have watches for the time.
I have these watches : 1) Omega : Vintage, pink gold, mechanic, brown alligator = free 2) Baume & Mercier : Hampton, steel, auto, black calf = 1 000 euros 3) Cartier : Tank, steel, auto, bracelet = 2 400 euros 4) Boucheron : Reflet, steel, auto, blue caribou and blue alligator = 1 710 euros 5) Patek : Golden ellipse, white gold, auto, blue alligator = 5 200 euros 6) Jaeger Lecoultre : Master utlra thin, black face, steel, mechanic, black alligator = 2 500 euros 7)...
Quote: Originally Posted by fain I was talking to a few female fashion snobs recently about how I like some Burberry stuff I saw on a website, and they looked at me as if I had admitted to hating jews, blacks, chinese, hispanics and puppies Has Burberry become a cliche? Passe? Boring? Overdone? That's sure what they said. But I'm not a girl, and I don't really care for the latest trends on a runway. I don't see it, and I don't care. But I've been...
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik So... I'm buying a Seraphin shearling from RJMan, and in doing so, I realized I don't have a decent pair of gloves. I'm looking for cashmere-lined leather (my girl has a pair, they're nice..). Winter is approaching and all, and after living in San Diego, VA Beach, and New Orleans.. the DC winter is a little chilly for me (yes, I realize it's not Chicago or Boston :P ). I read over at londonlounge (RJ, you're...
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