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Quote: Originally Posted by billionaireboy the GMT is brighter than the submariner I mean not in the dark and on the same watch. Are all the index of the same color or some have a gray shade in the white ?
Quote: Originally Posted by billionaireboy just 4 watches Rolex Submariner black bezel Z Serial Rolex GMT II Pepsi bezel M Serial Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Is the luminova totaly white and equal on your 2 Rolex ?
Quote: I am more of a fountain pen and camera collector than watch guy, I do however want a nice Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra on a bracelet with a white dial with the blue hands and markers. I like foutains pen as well. I have several Dunhill and Montegrappa : Dunhill AD 2000 in silver = 100 euros Dunhill AD 2000 in carbon = 200 euros Dunhill Sidecar turtle shell = $230 Montegrappa Micra yellow = 120 euros Montegrappa Cigar = $450
Stop spoiling my thread with dumb replies. People who ask pics because they don't believe me are really pittyful jerks. I don't see why I would say that I have watches I don't have, all the more since they are rather cheap watches...
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Manouche=Douche..... Anyways, totally worthless with out pics. Manouche is a fictional character. My pic is on my avatar If you want more pics of me, you must pay for them
The luminova on my Rolex is not equal, some zones are darker as if there were less Luminova. Is it normal ? How is the Luminova on your Rolex ? After the dust, the luminova. My life is a hell
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel I guess it just bothered me because no one asked you to post what watches you have. You just volunteered the information. Putting the price of the watches in your post was just the icing on the cake. Why posting pics? Words are not enough ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zegnamtl Not that I have ever lived on a farm, but I believe his displays are somewhat like raising cattle. The more responses, the more post. The more grain stuffed in one end, the more methane that exits the other end. Are you jealous?
How much would you pay for a good Alligator wallet? What color would you choose?
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Does this make you feel good? To put yourself on display all the time. To make it seem as though people should care as to what you have? I find it incredible that you would even bother to post a moderate watch collection. Its respectable but not at all impressive. People here talk non stop about what they have. I share my marvels. What is the problem ? It is not meant to be impressive.
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