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Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba lol....touche' Kermit is in SUB DATE The one I forgot is the SD new and old
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba how can you forget the green bezel sub in this poll. The same way you can forget the "?" at the end of your question !
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup Yesterday which was Boxing Day in Canada I was in Harry Rosen. They had arranged a Canali suit jacket so that the price on it looked like it was $60.99 CAD. I was very happy when I first saw that, thinking it was just a great Boxing Day deal. Then a moment later I realized it was still too good to be true. Upon closer inspection, I realize that $60.99 was for the pocket square in the jacket, and the real pricetag...
Quote: I don't like rolex. Why ? Quote: this is a nice watch What is particulary nice in this watch ?
Quote: Originally Posted by SVS I'm looking for a pair of formal shoes to wear with suits to important events (business meetings, interviews, funerals, etc), but I'm not clear regarding what makes a shoe more or less formal. Clearly, black is more formal than brown but beyond that, I'm lost. Are bluchers more formal than balmorals? Why is a cap toe considered more formal than a split toe? is a whole cut the most formal? Is brogueing considered...
Why ?
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke Another user in a different thread stated the following I thought was interesting: "Mercs used to be great - well built and reliable. Now they have reduced the quality of build and the reliability. They are pimp mobiles for corporate wannabes - accountants, lawyers and bankers. A British gentleman drives a Bristol, a Morgan, TVR, Lotus, an old MGB (e.g. Tom Mahon) or even a pre-BMW Mini...
Let's say that he wears a Submariner (with a dust) on bracelet.
Which one is your favorite ? Why ?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Jr. Rolexes are for nouveau riche. False, I am a poor
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