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Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Are you referring to lizard? No, Alligator.
Should the scales stay flat and look like plastic or some edges of the scales can "unglue" and look like dry?
Is it still possible? It was possible 4 years ago but on the website I see nothing about euros
I bought from RL : 1) a cashmere cords VERY thick jumper, purple label for 99,99 euros 2) a cashmere thin jumper, purple label for 59,99 euros 3) 3 pairs or corduroy pants in olive, purple label for 39,00 each Are these good prices or I have been scamed by RL ?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Preferably with solid gold corners. Why ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Manouche = man + douche, yes? No, manouche = man + ouche
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Really depends on how the company chooses the skins it uses. It should be flawless croc skin... no scars, no imperfections. It is very smooth and flexible, scales don't go off at all, they are like plastic.
I have more than 150 pockets squares I can not wear a jacket with no pocket square as I feel as if I forgot my pants
I saw a Dunhill Alligator coat wallet @ 2 200 euros. First I thought that it was very expensive but once home I measured that with the wallet, one could make 11 watch strapes. As a strap costs about 200 euros, the price of the wallet sounds logical. Is it expensive ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Manouche? Aren't you living with your parents? Part time
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