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Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud oook your trip sounds rather boring. Lots of shopping but not a fan of social event or two? I took the train. This is very social.
Quote: Originally Posted by July +10 points for rakish audacity I asked them to keep the replacement shirt while I was shoping in the street...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac summary: I am boring (I went to London and bought a bunch of useless crap) I am weak (I saw a hot chick and all I could do was take a pic from behind) I did care about the legs and stockings, not about the chick She was old, was walking in front of me and talking to a friend, I was draging a huge case, I don't speak English so taking a pic was the only interesting option despite I had my ROLEX, all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma I like that bit about the ebay shirt swap. Pure genius, monsieur. A true class act. The guy asked me "is it unwashed" ? I replied : "look at the foldings and the smell" he measured the collar and told me it is 15.5/ I replied, this is all the problem, it should be more before washing. he measured it 4 or 5 times. I asked hom tio bring a new shirt and compare. He brought me an old short...
I am back I went without eating anything, I found 2 small gateau that goes with café on the train and ate them around 2 PM. I saw no mac Donald, I bought 2 sandwiches at 6PM and ate one in the street and one in the subway like a gipsy. People were coming from job (the poor people) and the train was crowded but people were not pushing one each other like in Paris' subway. Sum up : 1) I didn't use my camera, I had no time to lose, I only take 2...
I will be in London ins 2 days. I plane to go to : 1) SaB 2) Lock 3) H&K, T&A, H&H 4) Smith What elese do you suggest ? Where can I find a good cover coat at bargain price ?
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I met Amanda Lear at the Queen, 10 years ago. I saw Lova Moore, 4 years ago in Paris. I saw Béatrice Dalles, she went out of a taxi to buy some news papers in a shop
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey The belly or the top of the alligator? Personally, I think any part of the animal that is NOT the belly is... ugly. Do you mean that one part will have scales that goes off?
Take a Submariner with no dust
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