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Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac summary: I am boring (I went to London and bought a bunch of useless crap) I am weak (I saw a hot chick and all I could do was take a pic from behind) I did care about the legs and stockings, not about the chick She was old, was walking in front of me and talking to a friend, I was draging a huge case, I don't speak English so taking a pic was the only interesting option despite I had my ROLEX, all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Smahatma I like that bit about the ebay shirt swap. Pure genius, monsieur. A true class act. The guy asked me "is it unwashed" ? I replied : "look at the foldings and the smell" he measured the collar and told me it is 15.5/ I replied, this is all the problem, it should be more before washing. he measured it 4 or 5 times. I asked hom tio bring a new shirt and compare. He brought me an old short...
I am back I went without eating anything, I found 2 small gateau that goes with café on the train and ate them around 2 PM. I saw no mac Donald, I bought 2 sandwiches at 6PM and ate one in the street and one in the subway like a gipsy. People were coming from job (the poor people) and the train was crowded but people were not pushing one each other like in Paris' subway. Sum up : 1) I didn't use my camera, I had no time to lose, I only take 2...
I will be in London ins 2 days. I plane to go to : 1) SaB 2) Lock 3) H&K, T&A, H&H 4) Smith What elese do you suggest ? Where can I find a good cover coat at bargain price ?
I met Amanda Lear at the Queen, 10 years ago. I saw Lova Moore, 4 years ago in Paris. I saw Béatrice Dalles, she went out of a taxi to buy some news papers in a shop
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey The belly or the top of the alligator? Personally, I think any part of the animal that is NOT the belly is... ugly. Do you mean that one part will have scales that goes off?
Take a Submariner with no dust
Quote: Originally Posted by Steven Aver Are you referring to lizard? No, Alligator.
Should the scales stay flat and look like plastic or some edges of the scales can "unglue" and look like dry?
I bought from RL : 1) a cashmere cords VERY thick jumper, purple label for 99,99 euros 2) a cashmere thin jumper, purple label for 59,99 euros 3) 3 pairs or corduroy pants in olive, purple label for 39,00 each Are these good prices or I have been scamed by RL ?
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