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Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj I've never defined Talarico as stupid, but I agree that selling through internet is clearly not a priority for them. I'd not express my disappointment this way in any case. I do. I sent him x emails, in English and italian, asking his Swift. He replied but never gave me this information. Sounds totaly stupid to build a site in English and have nobody capable to reply in English.
Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj Just received mine, solid shaft, silver collar, mop buttons, black canopy ... very nice umbrella! Very well packaged too. I have to say that they failed to answer any of my two emails asking details about the umbrella and it's shipment, but got infos here. The retail price of this umbrellas is incredibly high but this was a great deal, and easier to get than a Talarico which was my other option. Ae you...
Montegrappa makes funny pens
Quote: Originally Posted by Coho the buttons are MOP. Not sure about the plastic ring. I ordered the mapple factory second Briggs and I got 2 plastic buttons. They replied this : The same buttons are used on Brigg production, it is a descriptive error on there website which I have brought to their attention. The only umbrella we make with out the plastic fly on is a traveler umbrella.
Do Brigg umbrallas have a plastic ring on the outside top of the canopy ? Do they use plastic buttons ? Thanks
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