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The covert coats were £200. Is it a real sales or are they like Lewin or H&H and have a sale price all year long ?
Quote: If you ever visit NYC with 2000 Euros in your pocket, let me know. Do 4000 euros on the wrist count? Quote: Mon Dieu! Did they know you had their plastic? Of course
Quote: Originally Posted by F475 Cher Manouche, Did you go alone? Or did you take your mistress, la conasse aux barbelés, bane of all Rolex subs with a dust? Alone with the 2000 euros in cash, the credit card of my father, the credit card of my mother and a case.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicedream If you would have bought it in the store at regular price, you could have tried it on first. But instead you took a chance on ebay in order to save a few quid. I would not have tried to exchange it when it didn't fit. The hassle is not worth £20 to me. I guess it is to you. Face it, you're a poor person. When I buy shirts in a shop, I buy 10 shirts. I will not tried on so many shirts of the...
Does anyone have a free room for a few months ? London is much more interesting than Paris and there are much less agressive arabs from suburb. 2 good reasons to live in London
Quote: Originally Posted by nicedream Why are you buying shirts on the cheap from ebay, and then on top of that exchanging them in order to save a measly £20. It sounds to me like you are one of the poor people (I think you might even be a civil servant!) I didn't buy it to exchange it. It was too tight so exchanging was normal If I had paid more than £55 on ebay, a swap would have been a bad deal. I just stressed that I saves up...
One of the conclusion is = AVOID SAB Even the normal range cases look ratty to me. Very easily scratchable, poorly finished (gap between the different pieces), heavy... I know they are handmade and so can not be equal but why making handmade if it looks less good than machine made?
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart i dont understand how you can't not see a McDonalds in London....they're everywhere!! ..and Pizza Express I only went in 3 streets : Jermyn, piccadilly and ST James
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit Mandouche, Please come back, this thread is awesome! I am so confused and so giddy from reading all 6 pages. The ebay thing is hilarious. Did you do it to get a new shirt or see if it would work to swap out and Ebay purchase? I do not understand your picture at all, but thanks for posting it. WOW The shirt from ebay was new but the collar was defective as too tight and as I didn't like the collor...
Quote: Originally Posted by Spirit of 69 What? I don't understand that at all! I need evidences...
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