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http://www.levinehat.com/index.php?m...l2vk0qb2gvoei6 Or it shouldn't touch the ears?
Quote: Originally Posted by jyook I know the general consensus here at SF is against the black suit but why? Personally, I've seen some great patterns and color schemes while shopping for some new clothes (For example, navy with very light blue stripes or a cool looking navy with purple stripes as well as a charcoal with brown and subtle orange)... But I would tend to think that black would be the most versatile suit for formal occasions and...
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmyoneill He speaks of Crombie of Jermyn Street, not A&F. They don't have sales all year round, no. I believe they are having a large sale because they are moving off Jermyn Street. I don't own anything by them but some of their suits and tailoring is nice. The coats I'm not too fond of. ARe they pushed out because of the paki clerk who was not a legal worker?
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Why not, pray tell? Because I had a case
My mistress is jealouse because of this threads She went to bed and told me that I could go back home. Does anyone want to swap a UK girl with no kid against a frog with 2 kids ?
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design sorry, i feel like im part of the reason this thread is getting derailed. so, to move away from this racism discussion, manouche how were you able to remove the pussy scratches to your rolex so that they were unnoticeable to the untrained eye? With OUATOR
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Manouche, would you like to meet up in Paris at end of March and we can sit over coffee and talk about our London experiences over the winter holiday. You can buy the drinks, of course. I don't drink coffe but we could meet
Quote: You are intending for us to see the blonde lady with the odd shaped calves? Yes, this is one of the 2 pics I took Quote: Did you recieve any comments on your Rolex in London? No
The employees didn't let me enter inside Harrod's !
The more pocket squares you have on you and the better it is !
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