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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Yes they do. Unfortunate you were either too cheap or too poor (probably the latter) to afford their top of the line jeans. It's called the Facconable "Excelsior" and is limited only to their respective boutique stores. They are made with Loro Piana baby cashmere and a 10% Vicuna mixture. The Excelsior line jeans starts at 765 euros, depending on the treatments available. So next time get the better stuff or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Super10 That's why I never pay more than $60 for jeans. Remember, they're just jeans. and for 240 euros I could by a jacket that would protect my skin from freezing in the arctic. lol I paid 40 euros but the tag price was 240 euros
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Jeans lined with cashmere? No jeans that have cashmere inside of the fabric
Is it because it has cashmere inside or because it was too tight at the balls (low rise jean) ? It was a Faconnable jean. Doesn't Faconnable sells good quality?
No but I get asleep caressing cufflinks
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin What do you drink? We could arrange something... Come on, come all! A Manouche Meetup. What say you? Water melon juice
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design i think it looks better when it doesn't touch the ears. and it'd be perfect if you are planning on taking a trip to america (just don't lose your parents). So thos cap is too big for this guy ?
25 ties : about 14 Faconnable, 3 knited... for... 5,5 euros ! No shipping fees as I took them directly and I even got a bag to carry them
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Its perfect if you want to sell newspapers. And if you want to shop ?
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta It's too cheap for you. I just ask about the fit
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