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I have forgotten I was in on this mto...lol I can wait or be refunded.
Thanks for the effort PhiPsi32!
I agree...can we send them a picture of the LS Kudu so we can eliminate the confusion?I'm actually okay if we switch this order to natural chromexcel as well.
Yeah, the picture above will not resemble the LS version in any way. I know white balance and lighting will affect how kudu photographs but I think I know the difference. Can we show moulded shoes how the LS version looks like?
Well, I'll learned the hard way! With California's uncertainty on gun legislation, it maybe harder for me to buy them in the future. Oh well...I'll shoot more 22LR.
Don't we all wish we stock piled ammo?!?! I have some 22LR back ordered from PSA and I don't have a lot of .223 or .308...argh
Well, since you asked too bad the boot on these aren't made of shell cordovan...haha nah my recent addition is a good ole 870 pump.
Didn't expect a gun thread on SF.
Looking at the 2nd email Moulded Shoe sent it'll be dark brown Kudu based on #404 http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly46c3TvoE1r3x0lmo1_500.jpg This doesn't look like the Kudu from Leathersoul.
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