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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Can anyone recommend a pair of skinny jeans with a wash similar to these? They're a bit small on me now and I don't think I'll ever find this pair again. i found some on yesstyle but, i mean, i'd really prefer to not have to buy from yesstyle I think drkshdw made some jeans that are similar. You might be able to find on another forums' B&S. While you're looking through there you might find some other...
I have the regular marled fleece crewneck and can attest to its quality. It looks much nicer in person than it does on the website (bigger loops, better ribbing) and fits quite well too - I'm 6'0" and don't find it short at all. If anyone isn't looking forward to being on a waiting list for the Warehouse version/wants to save $100, then the regular J. Crew version this season is a very good option.
What is the selection like between the Men's Only Shop and Liquor Store in NYC? I only want to visit one. Do either of them get catalog-only items? I'm not interested in the suiting and collaborations or stuff like that, just a wide selection of the regular items. Am I better off going to one of the other J. Crews?
Anyone know when this will be in stores? I heard Jul. 27th mentioned in the other thread, can someone back this up?
What's the best place in soho to get clarks desert boots? I'm looking for the beeswax ones. Are clarks stores my best bet?
I heard from one of the guys at Dutil that they're opening a Naked & Famous pop-up store in the space around the corner currently taken up by Roden Gray. Launch party August 15, Y'all. Get on their mailing list if you want more details. I hope that they'll have the Momotaro collab! The pop-up is set to change the brand it focuses on every 6 months, so fingers crossed for PBJ next! In related Vancouver retail news, Roden Gray is moving to a new location on Water Street...
I'm also going to be in New York, but I'll be there in mid-late July. I'd like to visit a J. Crew, but I'm not sure how the selection differs between the different locations. Does either the Liquor Store or Men's Only store have items that are usually exclusive to the catalog? I'm not interested in J. Crew's suits or collaborations. Which J. Crew location in NY should I visit? Any other recommendations for heavy sales (sample or otherwise) or other peasant steeze worth...
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba greetings from budapest, homies. Budapest looks a lot like Vancouver on Main St. near the Cobalt. Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah kids were wearing shorts+sandals and sweater few days ago when it dipped to near 40 here... Canadian highschoolers will wear shorts in pretty much any weather. However, I'm not sure why anyone would want to wear them in the northwestern rain.
I think barbers and salons can both be good, and the skill of the person cutting your hair matters more than where it is getting cut. In general, if you keep a short "conservative" haircut, a barber should do well, and cost less so that you can get it cut more frequently. However, if you have a longer or more elaborate 'do salons tend to be more well versed in "fashion" styles.
Quote: Originally Posted by DECEMBER Found a way to fade jeans fast Does this method have anything to do with sandpaper or a spray nozzle?
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