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I just bought a jacket from the Aero Leather Company and its definitely the nicest leather jacket I've ever seen. Handmade to my measurements, made of front quarter horsehide, custom worsted wool lining and extra pockets. . . this jacket is amazing and I think Aero might make the finest leather ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman My best casual belts are from here: http://www.leathergoodsconnection.com/ I don't think he has black buckles, though, and he's a one-man operation, so I don't know if he'll ship to Norway. If you like his aesthetic, you should ask. I just ordered a belt from these guys, after finding this suggestion and looking into it. This is the second thing I've bought after reading suggestions here, the first...
War on Terror Evil-doers (sic) Heros The sarcastic "really?"
Forget about the jacket. It doesn't fit you right, looks too short in the sleeves with the arms down (!), and just makes it look like you are trying too hard. The black shoes are a definite improvement over the skater sneakers, but if you really want a low cost, good looking outfit, find yourself a black long sleeve "dress" shirt that fits you, make your hair look glossy and always match your belt to your shoes. Shiny black shoes should equal a shiny black belt.
How about these? I have a pair of Geox shoes, and they're super comfortable -- they have some kind of one-way perforation on the soles so your feet breathe through the bottom, a really cool thing. I found a cool pair on Amazon for $199.
Magic Hat #9 at the moment . . . unique, subtle apricot flavor, but not too sweet . . . good stuff
I vote for Sarge's (between 36th & 37th st). 24 hours, reasonably priced, awesome deli food.
I think if you're talking about spending $675 already, you should really check out Aero leather jackets. For a little more money, you could get a jacket custom made by hand in Scotland for you, that would fit like a glove and be made of beautiful leather. They have a bunch of different styles, including a few different Cafe versions. If you happen to be in the US, there's a guy named Mark that handles their stuff, and the service is terrific. You can even get custom...
New Posts  All Forums: