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price adjust
pm'd you thanks for the info, should have done some research price adjusted
Blue Gitman Vintage Oxford
i'd be interested any shirts in xl thanks for the bamboo underwear, got them today
I hate them, i have to open them for people all the time when im at work. I think its way cooler and smarter to just hide things in your walls or under your carpets etc. since it's not like the things you keep in the boxes are insured anyways. you can always access your hiding places in your home whenever you want to bot just during bank hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by boo I've just recently started and find that my arches are absolutely killing me after a few minutes. Is this typical for a newbie or could I be doing something wrong? If it makes a difference, my arches collapse and have an overpronating running gait. I've been wearing my motion-control running shoes while jumping rope. I had the exact same problem as you as my arches are collapsed like yours. When i first started...
Are there any places that still sell the James IV?
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