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Quote: Originally Posted by BlackToothedGrin champion shorts from target for 10 bucks. Have pockets, fit is decent truth
His white shirts might fit different. I think dying them is a good idea and I plan on trying this soon. Size M Hanes white tees fit me better than any other shirt in the world, it'd be nice to have some in colors too.
Quote: Originally Posted by GradSchooler Free20 was working yesterday and now it doesn't. I'm suddenly less interested. And Savings doesn't seem to be working now either It's really not worth it unless you use one of the 15-20% codes IMO. Free20 didn't work for me last night either
Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman there seems to be some weird pulling as a result of the bottom button being fastened. Other than that, it looks alright. Pants are a bit long for my tastes and photos of the back and side would be helpful. And maybe better lighting. Ya the pics suck, I think the pulling might just be because its all wrinkled from shipping. I kinda noticed the collar thing now, any suggestions on a revised...
Essential Charcoal
Here are my "actual" measurements (in quotes because I measured myself with a little help from my mom and the videos on their website. I was almost naked during the measuring process. I never went to a tailor) Neck 16 Chest 40 Shoulder 19 Stomach 34.5 Sleeve Length 27 Jacket Length 32 Jacket Hips 40 (This was the widest point around my hips/butt) Bicep 14 Wrist 8.75 Pants Length 44.5 Thigh 22.5 Pants Hips 40 (This was the widest point around my...
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn good stuff. looks good to me. how was your indochino experience? I can pretty much guarantee your first one won't fit, but it is easy to adjust your measurements after you have the first suit in your possession. Overall things went pretty smooth, the waiting part was the worst. I was amazed at FedEx's ability to get it from China to Chicago overnight.
Here is my first remake, the first one I ordered was skin tight. This is the fit I got subtracting at least 1-2" from all my measurements some I subtracted up to 5". It's been kind of a headache. Attachment 43162 Attachment 43163 Any opinion on the fit? Feel free to post in my thread.
Pants are obviously too long and will be hemmed soon. Constructive criticisms on the fit of my suit? Attachment 43159 Attachment 43160
I wear APC NS cutoffs. Make sure your cut them above the knee and you have nice legs.
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