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I have 2 epaulet shirts for sale. Only worn a few times & always washed in cold and hung to dry. Both are size XL and fit slim. $80 shipped CONUS Purple Micro Gingham- Still available & Black/Cranberry Micro Tattersall-SOLDSOLDSOLD
anyone have pics of the butterscotch canvas walts or rudys? i'm tempted to pull the trigger, but don't know if i could pull them off.
Crate James sz 31. The hem has been taken out. The inseam listed is unhemmed, but was originally 32. Waist 16 Inseam 34.75 Front Rise 9.25 Thigh 11 Knee 8.75 Opening 8.75 $35 shipped CONUS
is the caine blazer ever getting a restock, or was it only one run? i wear an XL in epaulet shirts, but have pretty wide shoulders, the XL in the shirts fit my shoulders perfect, should i be ok in a 42?
Do the regular 8oz rivet chinos have any give like denim where they will loosen up a little after you wear them a few hours?
Pm'd you about returning some trousers...
you drove drunk you listened to a drunk girl you started a fight and lost you didn't have sex with the drunk girl you suck
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I honest do not understand the chart. Ignoring girls = win? OP gets ignored by every girl he meets and it seems to be working on him. Gotta turn that shit around on them, topsy turvy that motherfucker.
These shirts are terrible. I don't know what is wrong with all of your bodies, but if your waist is smaller than your chest these are not for you. I have about a 44" chest and a 31-32" and the shoulders/chest was too tight and there was wayyyyy too much fabric around the waist. These would be a lot better if the chest was bigger. Sleeves and armholes were decent, just needs some darts in the back.
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