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You got so lucky with that Koi shirtl
Had these for about 5 weeks. I've worn them a handful of times, but just cant consistently get them into my rotation.
I cold wash/hang dry mine and experienced no shrinkage; if you were to dry them i would imagine they would shrink very little in the top block but you would lose at least an inch on the inseam.How are people caring for their rivets? Cold wash/hang dry seemed okay for the top block after a few minutes, but from the knee down it stayed stiff and kept a weird shape. I'm thinking of just taking a steamer to them to try and get a more natural drape below the knee like when you...
I have some of the 8oz chinos and I was comfortable the other day in Chicago where it was 90*F+ and a little humid. I would say they will definitely be light enough for summer for the majority of people, they are so much better than denim on a hot day.
After 4 weeks of wear my soles are starting to separate on both of my shoes, any easy fixes so this doesn't keep spreading all the way around?
French blues look awesome, I can't wait for the restock
Which colors of the rivets are the newest cut? I just got a pair of the "Rivet Chino Navy Canvas" in a 32 i need to send back for a 33, but what other colors are cut the same (I'm assuming the navy is the newest cut; some colors still have pictures with the old metal buttons etc) If anyone can chime in i'd be gratefule
1 pair of Epaulet Tapered Rudy trousers left in sz 32; all prices are shipped CONUS Tapered Rudy Trouser Super 120's Midnight Blue SOLD -great condition only worn 1-2 times Tapered Rudy Trouser Super 120's Medium Grey SOLD -great condition only worn 1-2 times Tapered Rudy Trouser Cramerton Cloth SOLD -worn ~10 times washed twice; minimal fading on some edges (actual pictures of this pair coming shortly)
I have quite a few short sleeve Epaulet shirts and I'm looking for more. PM me if you have any in size XL.
I'm looking for a pair of unmodified Epaulet Denim in size 32. If you have any shoot me a PM.
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