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has anyone bought a polo in their regular epaulet shirt size or has everyone gone with the advice to size down 1?
i wish they were an 11 or 11.5
Anyone know if their will be anymore rivet chino shorts? I need an upgrade from the gap ones ive had for a few years
^^fantastic, i would be afraid to sit down on anything while in white pants
seconded, those walts are awesome
I almost pulled the trigger on a Sunspel a few times, but the thought of Epaulet polos has stopped me every time.
My seersucker shirt is like 2" longer than all of my other epaulet shirts, buts fits almost indentical everywhere else which I thought was a little odd.
I have a pair of the loafers, i wear a size 11 in clarks db and in AE shoes and went with a 10.5 as it suggests if you want to wear with no socks. I'd say their recommendation on sizing is very accurate, these loafers would not fit if I wore a normal pair of socks with them. If you plan on wearing socks I think a 9.5 would be fine, however if you go barefoot they will likely be too big.
I wish they had button down collars:brick:
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