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This, also wondering about the Desert Ducks
special order rivets would be awesome; im dying to get a pair with an inseam 1" longer
20,724 + 50 = 20,774
I lift in flip flops and pop them off to squat or dl etc, but a lot of places don't want you to be barefoot unfortunately
I feel your pain brother. I learned how to swim a few months ago, I took a few private lessons and now feel pretty comfortable with my freestyle stroke but it's a constant struggle to add distance. I tried the every 3rd stroke breathing at first and noticed my biggest improvements when I switched to every 2 strokes and started breathing on 1 side the whole time.It's all about being relaxed which is the hardest part when you learn as an adult, every time the floor drops for...
As long as your form is good i would try to add some weight. I plateaued at sets of 10 for the longest time. Then i started doing 3 sets of 3 at 1.5x bw followed by 1 set of bw to failure and have made good gains.Even with a 10 or 20lb weight you will notice a big difference
I am taking FAR on the 8/30 and AUD on 11/30, hoping to take BEC and REG in the first testing window of 2013. 3.2 gpa; major in accounting minor in finance, went to a smaller private school and have no internship or accounting experience. When should I start applying for accounting positions? I was looking after I graduated and got a few interviews, but nothing serious. So I took more credits at a JC to get the 150 hours required by Illinois and have started the testing...
did someone want back 14,000 pullups? ^ 20,544+44=20,588 20,588+50=20,638
I have Mens Buttondown Collar Blue Seersucker Shirt sz XL $80 shipped in sig
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