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Anyone know of any places that have longwings in some sort of black grain? I slept on the jcrew aplines way to long and i doubt they will be restocking those as they have completely disappeared from the site now.
Kent Wang Gift certificate code $75 - $50 Will forward email from Kent with the gift certificate code after PP payment is received
+500 (past few days) = 35005What are the benefits of a wide grip?I usually go shoulder width and pull all the way until my chest touches the bar. I find the longer ROM makes them more difficult, for me at lest, than going wide grip and just pulling until my chin passes the bar.
+300 = 26205What does everyone do for resting period?I've just started to focus on really cutting mine down. I'm trying to get to 10 set of 10 with 30 seconds rest in between sets. I can get 6 good sets with a full lockout at the bottom of each rep, but after that my form starts to deteriorate.
Forest Plaid looks AWESOME
Trying to clear some space. Size 33 Rivet Chino Clay=$60 each Not modified in any way; Always cold washed and hung to dry; Good condition;
+300 = 25136
+50 21802
lobster pants are insane
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