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can anyone comment on the warmth of the veneto technical sportcoats?
Anyone have a 'Cali Short Sleeve Pivot Shirt' that can post actual measurements? Kinda bummed the 3 way longs haven't been restocked yet
Wil XXL shirts be regularly produced anymore?
Epaulet Shetland Cardigan Navy for sale size XL; only worn a few times; in perfect condition $100 Shipped CONUS
$75 credit for $50 in my sig
^ +1 when those are unavailable, my second choice would be the bamboo ones MJK used to make. they were the best, aside from sizing inconsistencies.
+ 50 = 1335
+50 = 754
How warm is the veneto?
Yeah, saw those and the leffot ones, but not a lot of sizes available unfortunately. I would need a 10.5 in Barrie probably.
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