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Posts by CoconutBanana wow I actually have high compatibility or better with a lot of people in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by allcapitan Coconut, was that a hot, warm or cold soak? As hot as it would come out of the tap and i kept adding more hot water ever 30minutes or so.
When I soaked mine for 3hours they didn't lose any die what so ever didn't even drip die when i let them hang after wearing them for 6months the only fades they got were barely noticeable wiskers. The Indigo STFs however after wearing those for just 2months they started to get very noticeable fades.
No I rarely even wash my clothes after a month of wearing them I sit in an office all day so I don't really get dirty or sweaty.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManicAbstraction Yeah I'll second this. I'll third it.
Corter Wallet iphone Ford zippo Cigarettes Bowie knife(I work in Oakland)
Quote: Originally Posted by darkie_one jacket makes it I agree with this.
I want a Justice surface 2 air jacket more than anything but before I can kop i need to find out where2kop.
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy Yeah, okay, Kanye got rich jacking for beats / sampling and using sped up soul vocals. Innovative at the time, good for him, blah blah. First album was very good, I enjoyed it - everything since has been for the most part garbage. If you think that 808's album was anywhere near decent, I would love some of the crack that you are smoking. The fact that it has received critical acclaim is simply further proof of the media...
Wrangler for sure.
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