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Please god don't sell out of L B.son mock pullovers before i get paid this friday.
I failed hard this month I bought a pair of Nudies a few western shirts and a new pair of lucchese classics.
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon Hey- which ones did u buy? The new elevated low rise straight fit? I believe so they're low rise and have the selvage lined coin pocket.
Anybody else find gap raw denim fades crazy fast? I've only been wearing mine to work for a week straight and they're getting honey combs and whiskers like crazy already.
I couple pair of coated Nudie thin finns I know this forum doesn't approve of Nudies but they still fit me better than any of the japanese brands I've tried.
Wrangler silver edition.
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce You sized down 4? And you managed to even button them? I actually sized down 6 on levis STFs once and managed to get them on post soak.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spilotro Quite simply, people are getting larger, and the collective definition of proper fit is getting looser. I certainly hope this is a trend that will taper off (pardon the pun). I'm 6'1 and 190 pounds; in my mind, a medium shirt should never be too big, yet often they are too full in the body and too long. A guy my size shouldn't be considering a small, even for an instant. Yeah seriously I'm a pretty big...
For dirty cheap flanel I actually like Wrangler flanel shirts if you're on the short size they can run a bit long though. For expensive flanel I like Iron heart or Flat head.
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