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Man I really hope to god they still have 33x34 TFDC on friday when I get paid.
Honestly I've tried American Apparel and Urban Outfitters Ts but the best Ts i've found are the 4 for 20 dollars hanes Ts at Target.
I stack with normal jeans I cuff if the jeans are selvage.
Sweet now that I got the mock pullover I might have to robocop that Peacoat.
I go commando.
I've got underwear lines on my thin finns I don't worry about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackdarkeye i never understood this but how do people get razor bumps? i have never gotten them Black men tend to get them it has something to do with the way our hair is. I had the problem for years. In order for me not to get them I have to use 3 different types of acid on my face everyday and I still get light breakouts its a real pain in the ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chinook What size.. edit: I am waiting for my tax return haha. I think Either a L or XL will do I'm currently leaning towards the L.
Only one more day till I can finally get that smoke black B.son mock pullover.
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